Facts about American Bulldogs

 Here are some interesting facts to know about the American Bulldog.

Personality of the American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is a powerful dog that requires training. Early socialization is a must.

They tend to be affectionate with their humans and can make good family dogs with older children.

American bulldogs can be protective around strangers and will bark to warn threats away but overall are not heavy barkers.

They were bred to be working dogs and need to have adequate mental stimulation and physical activity to be happy.

They can do fine with cats and other dogs but are known to be aggressive with other unfamiliar animals or dogs of the same sex in their home.

Inter-aggression situations can arise in the home between American Bulldogs and other pets, even ones they have been raised with, and while many American Bulldogs do not display these behaviors potential should be aware of the potential.

They are extremely intelligent and enjoy positive reinforcement training. They are active in sports like agility training and weight pulling and some even enjoy playing and